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Unlike any other music class Rockin Tots mommy and me offers a professional musician and music educator in EVERY class!! This program was created for young ears to have first hand live musical exposure and all the benefits of a live guitar and singer. Combining the acoustic guitar and vocal sounds has natural harmonics and frequencies that stimulate brain activity along with exploration of gathering drums, bells, eggs, shakers, maracas, glockenspiels, and so much more. Each class has a story time, puppet show, parachute play and bubble time! Language and music concepts are combined to teach and reinforce early literacy, letters, numbers, weather, animals, and parts of the body. Musical concepts range from timbre, pitch, tempo, volume, and dynamic rhythms.

Our class Schedule is:
Monday 10:00 - 10:45 Walkers
Monday 10:45-11:05 Partial Separators (Older Walkers stay for separation)
Monday 11:10 All Ages
Monday 12:00 Infants-12 months

Wednesday 10:00 - 10:45 Walkers 

Wednesday 11:00 All Ages 

Wednesday 12:00 Infants-12 months

Friday 10:00- 10:45 Walker
10:45-11:05 Partial Separation
11:10 All Ages
12:00 Infant-12 months


Our Favorite Past Times

Making Memories and bonding with your child through Music and movement. Dance and sing together at Rockin Tots mommy and me music class. Baby Classes, Toddler, Partial and Full Separation Classes

Who Loves a good theme!! We LOVE to mix it up and play with different themes and concepts!

Fun Facts

Who doesn't love a good theme! We 

LOVE to dress up and get creative!!


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