Makeup Policy

1. We guarantee 1 Makeup class every semester. Any makeups missed after the 1 can be made up if space is available in class. 

2. All Makeups should be completed before the last week of classes.

Parent Participation

1. We want you to have fun with your child as well as the Mommies around you, but please keep talking to a minimum as it disrupts the activities in class. 

2. No food or drinks in class due to severe food allergies. 

We encourage you to nurse or bottle feed you infant if needed. 

(Baby bottles are allowed)

3. Please feel free to step outside of the circle and change babies and toddler in the back of the room if needed. We are all parents:-) 

4. Have Fun and enjoy the music and activities! Shake those bells, jump with your child, and make some music!! 

5. You are your child's first teacher and they watch you for all the cues in class.